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Great results for our beneficiaries

Last week, we were delighted to hand over the keys to one of our houses to an ex Ghurka soldier,  now resident in the UK.   Yuvaraj moved into the village with his family following a period of rehabilitation resulting from an illness.  The Army Welfare Services pulled together a number of charities and support services, including Social Services, Army Benevolent Fund, St Dunstans and Help for Heroes to ensure Yuvaraj has everything he needs to live independently.   

This has been a great example of charities and local services working together to achieve practical results for our beneficiaries.  We welcome Yuvaraj and his family to the village and wish them well.

Armed Forces Covenant

I am a passionate and vocal supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant, which defines the relationship between the Armed Forces community, the Nation and the Government.  I believe that we have a moral obligation to the members of all three services and their families.  They deserve our respect, support and fair treatment.
‘This agreement is one that we at RBLI embrace fully. ’
The covenant aims to ensure that those that serve in the Armed Forces, whether Regular or Reserve, should face no disadvantage.  This obligation involves the whole of society and includes charitable organisations such as ours, private organisations and individuals. I believe that it is vital that we should honour the commitment and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, celebrate the work of those who support this community and make sure that we build close links between the Armed Forces and wider society. 

‘Without this joined up approach to support, we will fail these committed and brave men and women.’
I welcome the Government’s formal acceptance of responsibility and a duty to ensure that there is no disadvantage to members of this community.  Without this joined up approach to support, we will fail these committed and brave men and women.
This agreement is one that we at RBLI embrace fully.  I want to make sure that we do all we can to support our veterans and ensure that they too can look back on their careers with pride, from a position of independence and security.