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Forces Face New Challenge

Team Glenfiddich UK 1876a
As the Walking With The Wounded team launch their most ambitious challenge yet, the expedition to the South Pole, we at RBLI would like to wish Ibrar, Kate, Duncan, Guy and Prince Harry the very best of luck.    We look forward to the announcement that Team UK is the first to arrive and waiting to welcome Team US and Team Commonwealth.

Whilst one of the aims of these expeditions is to demonstrate how Armed Forces personnel who experience life changing injuries overcome the most significant of challenges to achieve great things, the money raised by them and what this supports other individuals to achieve is none the less significant.   No one is more aware of this than RBLI.   We are extremely grateful for the support we receive from Walking With The Wounded for our LifeWorks programme.     This provides assessment and training for individuals who are leaving the Armed Forces through medical discharge as well as veterans who may have been medically discharged some time ago but have found it difficult to achieve a successful transition into civilian employment.   This year over 200 individuals will benefit from LifeWorks support ; most of them will go into work or engage with further training to improve their employment potential.

RBLI wishes all the teams luck.   We wish Team UK success and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Walking With The Wounded to support even more wounded and injured individuals in their transition from Military to Civilian life.


Following the recent announcements regarding planned redundancies for the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, we now have confirmation that there will be a phased reduction in Army personnel equating to 20,000.

The transition from Armed Forces to civilian employment can be a difficult one.  With a challenging economic climate giving rise to high unemployment, ex Service charities are acutely aware of the likely impact of this action. Seven of the most established ex Service charities have come together to form a consortium called ‘SORTED!‘ which can support resettlement services and aid transition into civilian employment.

Recognising the part that they already play in this, The Royal British Legion, Royal British Legion Industries, The Poppy Factory, RFEA, Poppy Scotland and the Officers’ Associations of England and Scotland have formally joined forces to pool their expertise and wide range of employability services to give more clarity and coherence to their provision.

Historically ex Service charities have often been called upon to pick up the pieces when ex Service personnel have been unable to achieve independence through sustainable employment. The aim of the consortium is to put preventative measures in place to avoid problems. Linking in with existing provision, statutory services and other ex Service charities, we are certain this new and existing initiative will provide better support during transition and beyond.

The ultimate success of this welcome move will also be dependant on employers continuing to provide job opportunities for former Armed Forces personnel,  understanding the range of skills and experience they can offer in a civilian environment.

If you would like more information about the consortium, or find out how you can get involved please contact:

Adrian Peters on 07854544066 or Liz Rickaby on 07971222935

You can also keep up to date with the latest information about SORTED! via the official twitter account.

Armed Forces Day

In the run up to Armed Forces Day, RBLI has undertaken a range of activities from open events to tea parties.   We’re proud to support this event to heighten awareness of Armed Forces communities, both those who are serving and those who have served, whether recently or some time ago.

The transition into civilian life for many Armed Forces families can be tough enough and RBLI will continue to do all that it can to ease the path.

When RBLI launched its new strategy last year our objective of placing beneficiaries at the heart of our activities remained at the forefront of our delivery plans.   RBLI’s core beneficiary group has always been disabled ex Service personnel and ensuring this group remains our priority was never more important than it is today.  In order to effectively deliver our objective we’ve integrated our approach to service delivery.  This ensures that each individual can access whichever elements of our support services they may need to achieve sustainable independence.    LifeWorks, our assessment and employability support programme, continues to go from strength to strength with 67% of those who undertake the course and are in a position to work, moving into employment.   We’ve also developed LifeWorks+, which offers assessment and support to spouses and partners of Armed Forces personnel who find themselves seeking work.

RBLI’s week will culminate with the signing of a Community Covenant with Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, committing to work in partnership to ensure those with an Armed Forces background do not find themselves disadvantaged within the community.  The transition into civilian life for many Armed Forces families can be tough enough and RBLI will continue to do all that it can to ease the path.