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LifeWorks Plus

Well, it seems that the first residential course of LifeWorks Plus went off without a hitch last week.  We had a team of 5 from the Parachute Regiment staying with us and taking part in our specially developed Vocational assessment held in Capel Morris.
We have spent a long time develop LifeWorks and the feedback we’ve had so far has been extremely positive.  People have enjoyed the surroundings and atmosphere of the Village and the newly refurbished Capel Morris centre has been particularly well received.  In return, we were impressed by its diligence, determination and application shown by all 5 soldiers.  Most impressive!
Obviously I am delighted that we have started this process as it is particularly close to my heart.  Many of the Service men and women that I served with would have really benefited from this type of assessment, which can ultimately make a huge different to an individual’s chances of finding and, most importantly, keeping a job.  We need to keep working together to develop new initiatives to help our colleagues in the armed forces, particularly in these times of austerity, with increasing cuts to MOD budgets and greater demands made of the individuals in the services.

A big thank you our Condition Management Practitioners (CMP) team who delivered the course and to Sharon Patmore for her work in designing and developing the programme.  Further thanks to the ABF Soldiers Charity and to the Parachute Regiment Welfare organisation who combined to make this inaugural LifeWorks Plus course possible. Let’s keep up this good work!