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Signs of Stranger Danger

This week we linked up with some of the younger members of our community when three children from local primary schools visited for a tour of our Social Enterprises. As part of the ‘Stranger Danger’ initiative run by Kent Police, children from Burham, Wouldham and Eccles primary schools entered a competition to design signs for local parks. The three worthy winners, Mia Fazzani, Emily Wilkinson and Nicole Williams, were invited to see how we produced the signs from their designs.

Staff at RBLI were delighted to be involved in such an important campaign by being asked to produce the signs. The tour and presentation, which also included representatives from Kent Police, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, were enjoyed by all. The children were presented with replicas of their winning signs. I have to say I was extremely impressed by the creativity and imagination displayed by the winners in their designs. I am sure that the signs will go a long way to helping children understand the potential dangers of talking to strangers. Our three young visitors should be proud of the contribution they will make to helping keep our children safe as we were to offer our support to this initiative.

From the desk of Steve Sherry – November 2010

A week for reflection and thought about those who have given so much in the service of defending our country over many years. The Poppy is the iconic symbol of our remembrance of all those who have been affected by conflict. The poignant Field of Remembrance service at Westminster Abbey on Armistice Day, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month organised so well by The Poppy Factory set the tone for a weekend of sombre reflection. The annual Festival of Remembrance organised by TRBL at the Albert Hall and televised to millions on national television was an emotional rollercoaster for all those who watched it. The blend of old and young, yesterdays wars and today’s conflicts, the harsh reality of life for grieving relatives and friends of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, were an inspiration to those of us in a position to do more. It was also a reminder of the challenges faced by those injured and traumatised in conflicts.

The RBL Village Branch held its own Remembrance Service here in the Capel Morris Centre on Sunday with veterans from World War II and many subsequent conflicts since. Local Territorial Army soldiers about to deploy to Afghanistan were also amongst us.

Remembering is of course important. However, this period of reflection has inspired me, and I hope others, to do everything we can to help those within the Armed Forces Community who need our suppo

Service to others

Is the hallmark of Matt Baker, our Welfare Officer who is leaving RBLI after 9 outstanding years of serving the interests of our residents here in Aylesford. Matt has served in the Regular Army, is now a member of the Territorial Army and departs RBLI to join Kent Fire and Rescue Service as an Emergency Life Support Instructor. A life of service to others.

I wish Matt every success in his new role and thank him for providing quality support to all in RBLI!